• Symbiotic Partners

    “In the world of literacy, reading and writing are symbiotic partners.  Writing skills are improved when students read or hear example of good writing.” (p. 26 Intermediate Writing 44) That is why it is so important to include great anchor books in our reading and writing lessons.  The books can provide authentic examples of the […]

  • Partner Talk

    Oral language is an essential component in a Balanced Literacy classroom.  Partner talk can meet many of the oral language learning outcomes, for all age groups. Speaking, listening, and thinking abilities are all improved during partner talk.  Students need to have numerous opportunities to share their thinking orally and to listen to other students share […]

  • Guided Reading Essentials

    Small-group instruction Students are grouped according to need Every child reads every page (not round robin or choral reading) 20-30 minutes in duration The teacher selects the text The lesson has a specific focus The lesson is broken into 3 sections- before, during, and after

  • Collaboration at école Central

    It was exciting to see how Guided Reading is making such an impact with the students’ decoding, fluency, and comprehension in all of the classrooms!    

  • First Blog

    This is my first post on my first blog.