• Love it or Loathe it!! Writing Fun!!

    If you want an engaging writing lesson that works well at the beginning of the year… try “Love it or Loathe it!!” from “Marvelous Mini Lessons for Teaching Intermediate Writing.  If you want to add a little ‘meat’ to the lesson … use the “Smart Learning” frame work to help students scaffold through the gradual […]

  • Mind Up & Literacy

    On September 25th I presented at NPSS for SD60’s Non-Instructional Day.  It was a bright, sunny day and I presented to a keen group who jumped right in and participated fully.  I had so much fun!! 

  • Powerful Literacy Strategies Across the Curriculum

    On September 2nd I presented a Professional Session for teachers to get a jump start on the school year. We walked through three non-fiction sequences with great enthusiasm.  The three sequences were in the content areas for Intermediate and Middle School Teachers. Teachers were enthusiastic and it ended up being an exciting start to my new position.

  • I am adding this blog to my list of things to do :)

    Welcome!  My name is Cindy McGarroch and I am the Literacy Support Teacher for School District 60.  This is a new position for me this year and I have had an amazing first term!  I have been busy learning and working together with some great folks.  Each day brings new experiences for me, the students […]

  • Goal Setting

    “Setting a goal at the start of the day, and ending with a reflection on how you did with your goal, creates a nice framework..” pg. 21 Our Turn to Talk SD #44

  • Assessment for Learning

    Reading and writing assessments at the beginning of the school year provide teachers with important information about their student’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, teachers are able to provide appropriate supports and challenges to meet the needs of all of their learners.

  • Handheld Devices and Learning

    Wow, I found this informative article this morning from author, Cris Rowan’s, Moving to Learn site.  As handheld devices become more prevalent in our society, should we be worried about delayed development, sleep deprivation, mental illness, and aggression?

  • Read, Write, and Think

    The ReadWriteThink.org site is simply amazing with comprehensive lesson and unit plans for all subject areas and all grades.  Check it out!